Type: Residential
Date: 2018
Location: South Yarra, Bunurong Country
With: Ha (Architecture), Pop Plant (Landscape)
Photographs: Rory Gardiner

This project provides a series of garden courtyards and a new living room to a heritage terrace house with a layered history. Located on a rare double block, the house has undergone a series of alterations over the years including a 1960s addition with a double garage that was then transformed into a sunken den sometime during the depths of the 1970’s. 

We were asked by the client to convert the den into a new living room on a floor level consistent with the existing house and garden to allow them to age in place while also taking inspiration from the family’s history and continued connection to the Middle East. We responded by proposing a series of courtyards surrounding the new living room with all spaces linked by the continuous use of brick. This includes a brick paved floor both internally and externally, brick water trough, brick screens for sun shading and privacy, as well brick steps and benches for sitting and relaxing. 

Within the living room, built in timber shelving houses the client’s collection of books, art and crafts, while built in timber benches provide deep internal nooks for reading and conversation. 

Oscar Sainsbury Architects