Typologies Catalogue

Type: Research
Date: 2020
Location: –
With: Monash University, UWA
Photographs: –

Most major cities in Australia expect significant infill development over the coming decades. Without intervention, ‘business as usual’ is projected to have considerable influence on the hydrology, resource efficiency, liveability and amenity of these cities. This project aims to develop and apply a performance framework which understands the impacts of infill development, use case studies to create design options and processes as well as identifying improved governance options and arrangements.

The Case Studies consider how infill development and densification can be achieved to provide improved amenity across the site and surrounding precinct while maintaining or improving hydrological performance. In addition, a Typologies Catalogue of local and international architectural precedents that can be applied in various combinations across the Case Studies has being developed. Each case study (and some of the catalogue examples) have undergone analysis, with the results informing the final proposals.

This work was developed within the Monash Urban Lab and the outcomes are part of the Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities Integrated Research Project 4 (IRP4).

In collaboration with: 
Professor Nigel Bertram (Monash Art Design and Architecture)
Professor Geoffrey London (The University of Western Australia)
Dr Tatjana Todorovic (The University of Western Australia)

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